Wild West Collection, 20 Coins from the USA

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

These coins which have been compiled by expert hands shall lure every coin enthusiast on a journey through the cultural history of the Wild West. They are truly vivid documents of an impressive period. The pivotal component of this unique collection is the complete series of ´Westward Nickels´, which focuses on the conquest of the Wild West. For example, the handshake between France and the USA upon the contractual purchase of over 2,000,000 m² of land west of the Mississippi is revealed to the collector on the unique 5 Cents coin ´Louisiana Purchase´. A further highlight is portrayed by the first five Native American Dollars. The first coin in this series was issued in 2009 and another appears every year thereafter. The obverse side of each of these exceptional coins features the daughter of an Indian chief carrying a baby on her back. The most significant elements of the Native American culture are enacted on the respective reverse sides, for example, the peace pipe displayed on the ´Peace Pipe´ coin. Back in the days of the Wild West, they served as a ceremonial symbol of peace and mutual respect and were mostly smoked on the occasion of peace treaties as well as expressions of friendship. This unparalleled coin compilation is complemented by the original Sacagawea Dollar, which served as a template for the Native American Dollar series, four selected State Quarters and four National Park Quarters, each with expressive Wild West motifs, as well as two historical coins, a 1 Cent coin which present an Indian head, and a 5 Cents coin depicting a buffalo.


Λίστα των Νομισμάτων

1 Cent, Indian Head, USA 1907

5 Cents, Buffalo, USA 1937

5 Cents, Louisiana Purchase, USA 2004

25 Cents, Nebraska, USA 2006

1$, Sacagawea, USA 2001

1$, Peace Pipe, USA 2011
1100 g (Σύνολο - Total)
1899 - 2013
1 Cent - 1$

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