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UEFA European Football Championship 2020,The gold bar coins : "Munich"!

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Secure the first ever gold bar coin for a UEFA European Football Championship and save 50 euros immediately!

"... cross Klinsmann, already in the penalty area, Bierhoff takes the ball, turns, shot - goal!" Golden Goal; "Game over" for the final opponent Czech Republic! Remember, it happened on June 30, 1996 at London's Wembley Stadium. Germany became European football champions for the third time after 1972 and 1980. Can our national team win the title for the fourth time at the EURO 2020?

European premiere for champions

While this question will only be clarified in July 2020, one thing is already certain: the gold bar coin collection for the UEFA European Football Championship - the official license product of UEFA EURO 2020 ™ is truly worthy of a title and a numismatic European premiere! Because these unique editions are the very first gold bar coins ever to have appeared for a football championship. Look forward to fascinating collectibles made from the purest fine gold (999.9 / 1000) in the highest embossing quality. Polished plate with artistic motifs relating to the football tournament, which is already eagerly awaited, which for the first time will be held in twelve cities in twelve countries across borders for its 60th anniversary becomes.

Great immediate savings

Make sure you get the first edition of this outstanding collection, which honors the only German venue: Munich . You can now get the gold bar coin of the same name for a short time at a favorable first edition price of only € 49.95 (instead of the regular € 99.95). You immediately save € 50!

Collect without risk

With the gold bar coin "Munich" you also start the collection "The gold bar coins of the UEFA European Football Championship - Official Licensed Product of UEFA EURO 2020 ™" . As part of this unique edition, we will hand over the other gold bar coins to you - with an exclusive collector's discount of € 10 per issue at the current price of only € 89.95 each - for 14 days for viewing without obligation. You are guaranteed to return it within this time. You can interrupt or end this service at any time: email, call or short written message is sufficient. And best of all: The delivery of all gold bar coins is free of VAT!


Strictly limited, modern rarities


Please note: bullion coins are considered modern rarities! Because only very rarely do official means of payment appear in the unusual and popular form of bars. In addition, this collection is subject to state restrictions. Therefore, it is only completely spent 2,000 times! Only a few, few collectors will therefore have the chance to own these exclusive pieces. A sell-out is therefore very likely, the closer the European Football Championship 2020 gets. It pays to be quick!

© The UEFA and EURO 2020 words, the UEFA EURO 2020 ™ Logo and Mascot and the UEFA European Football Championship Trophy are protected by trademarks and / or copyright of UEFA. All rights reserved.

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Motive:Venue Munich

edition:Only 2,000 complete collections worldwide!



Material:Purest gold (999.9 / 1000)

Embossing quality / condition:Proof (PP)


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Starting bid:49, 95  €

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Purest gold (999.9 / 1000) 

Highest embossing quality polished plate!

Gold bullion coins for the first time at a European Football Championship!

49, 95  €


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