The Ships Collection, 12 Wonderfull Ship Coins!

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

The history of the evolution of man has always been connected with ships. Mankind built ocean-going vessels even as far back as over 50,000 years ago and during the settlement of Australia, crossed about 100 kilometres of broad waterways.

Ships have an enormous fascination on people: they have been transporting wares and thoughts across continents for time immortal, have enabled the discovery of foreign continents, as well as the culture and transfer of goods between the various peoples. A fresh breeze of freedom and adventure also blows nowadays on all of the seven seas, taking mankind along in its path. Whether it concerns a dugout, junk, cog or the most modern ship on earth, boats and ships have been accompanying people across cultures and times since time immemorial. For this reason also, ships count amongst the most popular collector motifs whatsoever.

With this coin collection you receive a hand-picked collection of difficult to obtain coins with the most beautiful ship motifs from throughout. Each individual coin is capsuled and kept dust-proof in a high-quality wooden box inclusive certificate.

1/2 Penny, Bronze, Sailing Ship Golden Hind, UK 1954-1967

5 Mils, Bronze, Stylized Trading Ship, Cyprus 1963

25 Pence, Bimetal, Sailing Ship, Stoltenhoff Island 2008

50 Cents, Copper - Nickel, Ship of James Cook, New Zealand 2001 - 2006

50 Cents, Nickel Plated Steel, Sailing Canoe, Fiji 2006

5 Patacas, Copper - Nickel, Ship in Macao, Macao 1992-2007

5 Francs, Aluminum, Palms Mussels, French Polynesia 1975 - 2008

5 Pesos, Nickel Plated Steel, Sailing Ship, Argentina 1961-1968

50 Escudos, Copper - Nickel, Sailing Ship, Portugal 1986-2000

100 Escudos, Bimetal, Sailing Ship Madalan, Cape Verde 1994

1$, Copper - Nickel, Sailing Ship, East Caribbean States 2002 - 2007

1$, Nickel, Indians in Canoe, Canada 1968-1969

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