Spartan Hoplite Legendary Warriors

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Spartan Hoplite Legendary Warriors 1/2 oz Antique finish Silver Coin 500 Francs CFA Cameroon 2021

This new release is the smaller version of the first coin from the “Legendary Warriors” series - "Spartan Hoplite". Despite its weight of only ½ oz and a diameter of 28 mm, it has the same level of detailing and high relief as its 3 oz analogue.

The coin represents a Spartan Hoplite in the heat of a battle. On this silver piece, you see not just some abstract warrior or allegoric figure, but a real living man made of flesh and blood. Such an effect was reached with the special treatment of textures. If you compare these textures, you will see veins and muscles on the hoplite’s hands while his shield and his helmet look damaged in the battles.

Ασήμι (Silver)
1/2 oz
28 χιλ.
500 Francs CFA
Antique Finish- Εγχρωμο

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