Around Europe in 48 Coins!

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

Permit yourself to be taken on a numismatic European journey and discover the old continent

from an entirely new perspective. Our selected coins shall present you with the most diverse

motifs. Whether it be stunning animals, historical figures, kings and queens or world cultural

and historical monuments: Everything is to be found and discovered in this collection. Our

hand-picked compilation includes not only the well-known countries such as Germany, France,

Greece, Great Britain and Spain. Moreover, in this complete collection of all European nations,

we also offer you rare coins which stem from the small European states. Discover the Vatican,

San Marino, Monaco and Andorra with their extraordinary coinage. Browse through these

incomparable coins, for example, that of the Isle of Man and marvel at the special

commemorative coinage of Sweden. All in all, this impressive collection of European

numismatics provides you with a diversified insight into the history of Europe. All of the coins

are neatly bound in a nobly designed numismatic discovery map of Europe. Each of the 47

coins is inserted securely into the map and may be removed and individually beheld.

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