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IMagical collector's item: Secure the "Harry Potter" commemorative bar made of the purest fine gold - now with immediate savings of €70 + free edition "Harry, Ron and Hermione"!

Harry Potter - the world's most famous sorcerer's apprentice - has already captivated millions of readers and cinema-goers with his magical adventures. In 1997, the slender title hero with the wire-rimmed glasses began his unparalleled triumph around the world. Since then, his popularity in the muggle world has continued unabated.

Magical gold bar edition


Now experience a sensational tribute to the sympathetic wizarding student that could almost have come from the security dungeons of Gringotts, the legendary bank of wizards in Diagon Alley: the collection of official Harry Potter commemorative bars made of pure gold (999/1000). Stamped in the highest quality mirror finish, these gold bars inspire with photo-realistic motifs. Be fascinated by these unique collectibles - and celebrate a reunion with the most famous and popular characters, most famous places and most iconic objects from the great Harry Potter film world. Simply magical!

Big instant savings

Get the first edition of this magically beautiful gold bar collection now: for a limited time, you can now get the 0.5 g gold bar coin "Harry Potter" at the low first edition price of only €69.95 (instead of the regular €119.95 € in retail). You save €50.00 immediately! You will also receive the commemorative edition "Harry, Ron and Hermione" free of charge when you start your collection!

Collect risk-free

At the same time you start the grandiose collection "Harry Potter gold bars". As part of this collection, you can look forward to eleven additional 0.5g commemorative bars, a 1/100th ounce edition and a 5g commemorative bar made from the purest fine gold and featuring great motifs from the fabulous Harry Potter universe. We will present you with the other gold bars - with an exclusive collector's discount of €10.00 per issue - at a current price of only €109.95 each (plus €6.95 for postage and packaging) (instead of €119.95 in the Individual sale) - each for 14 days without obligation to view. You are guaranteed to be able to return them within this period. You can interrupt or terminate this service at any time: email, phone call or short written message is sufficient. And best of all: All gold bar coins are delivered free of VAT!

Wanted collectibles

 Please note: Bullion coins made from the purest fine gold are considered modern rarities! Because only very rarely do commemorative issues appear in the unusual bar form popular with collectors. Given the overwhelmingly large Harry Potter fan base on all continents and the continuing great popularity of the world-famous magician, high demand and a quick sell-out of this edition are very likely. Be sure to secure the fine gold commemorative "Harry Potter" bar today to start this outstanding collection - simply a must for all collectors and Harry Potter fans!

Χρυσός (Gold)
0.5 gr
15,2 x 8,6 χιλ.
Cook Islands

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