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Golden Rabbit, 1$, Gold 23K, Palau
Golden Rabbit, 1$, Gold 23K, Palau

Golden Rabbit, 1$, Gold 23K, Palau


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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

A small gold coin with a great shape and

excellent quality on the smallest surface.

Many mistake a rabbit for a hare and vice

versa. And yet these two animal species differ

in many characteristics such as body size,

weight or reproductive behaviours. Unlike

hares, rabbits can also be kept as pets.

In ancient times wild rabbits, from which our

pet rabbits originate, were domiciled on the

Iberian Peninsula and in the south of France.

Today they are found nearly everywhere in

the world. In the wild these animals live in big

communities and dig underground constructions.

Rabbits leave their hutches at dawn for

food but for safety reasons never go far from

their hutch.

After an average of 30 days gestation time,

the female gives birth to three to four babies

and this, four to six times a year. Thus rabbits

multiply extremely fast.


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