Published: Aug 2, 2021

The Italian coins of 2020

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From Marco Aurelio to Montessori, from pizza to firefighters, the numismatic program of the new year highlights the Italian genius and excellence. Among the novelties the first phosphorescent coin to celebrate environmental sustainability.

In January 15, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the State Printing and Mint Institute presented a preview of the coins of the Italian collection that will accompany numismatics enthusiasts during 2020.“This year's selection - said Paolo Aielli, at Ipzs - opens a new decade of sustainability, good gastronomy and the celebration of the Italian genius that is renewed over the centuries. Topics enhanced also thanks to the innovative minting technologies that the Mint is able to use to embellish the coins ".In fact, there are several technical and thematic innovations. Alongside the innovations already launched in the past, such as the adoption of micro-formats, the introduction of color, the creation of inserts in shaped gold inside silver coins, a new series is inaugurated dedicated to environmental sustainability  which takes the away with the first fluorescent coin dedicated to the tiger . Also  new is the new  food and wine category , with a coin that celebrates mozzarella and pizza. While, remaining in the excellence of the Bel Paese, the Vespa passes the baton to the Olivetti Letter 22 typewriter . And the great personalities of Italian history cannot be missing: from the emperor Marco Aurelio to the genius of the Renaissance Raffaello Sanzio, from the pedagogist Maria Montessori to the unforgettable actor Eduardo De Filippo.

But here's what the Italian coins of 2020 will be, and how they will be:

80th anniversary of the founding of the National Fire Brigade - 2 euros (28.02 FdC; 20.1 proof and 25 pcs roll)

150th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori - 2 euro (issue: 9.06 FdC and proof; divisional 10 pcs 27.10)

Series "Great Italian artists" - Eduardo De Filippo - 5 euros (11.05)

 Series "Italian excellences" - Olivetti Letter 22 - 5 euro BU (7.04)

30th year of Telethon foundation - 5 euro BU (28.02)

International Year of Plant Health (divisional series 9 pcs BU 19.03; 10 pcs proof 27.10)

Sustainable World - Endangered Animals " Series - Tiger - 5 euro proof (9.09)

Series " Italian food and wine culture " - Pizza and Mozzarella  - 5 euro BU (21.04)

500th anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio   - 5 euro silver and 20 euro gold proof (10.03)

Series " Roman emperors " - Marcus Aurelius - 10 euro gold (23.06)




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