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BATMAN 12 Coin Collection

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The new "Batman" collection: get the first two official commemorative stamps with color refinement - now for the price of one!Hardly any superhero in the international comic universe is more famous than he is: Batman . Once created by artist Bob Kane, the “Dark Knight” has been fighting for the good for over 80 years to make the world a better place. The bat man watches over the fictional city of Gotham City with a circle of loyal allies. Always ready to put an end to his adversaries like Joker, Penguin, Two-Face and others.

Comic colorful Batman edition

To the great enthusiasm of countless collectors and fans, a new collection is now honoring the most popular characters in the fascinating Batman comic world. Look forward to fully silver-plated commemorative embossing in the highest embossing quality, mirror finish . The elaborately color-refined editions present the good and bad comic heroes from Gotham City in action-rich motifs - both individually and in interaction. Simply grandiose and suspect!

2 for the price of 1

KAA-BOOOM! To begin with, experience "Good and Evil" in an extremely spectacular double - with the commemorative imprints "Batman" and "The Joker" . Secure both collector's highlights now for the price of one! Request the two silver-plated and color-refined editions for a short time at the uniquely affordable MDM first edition price for only € 24.95 (instead of the regular € 49.90)! So you immediately save 50% compared to the single purchase!

Continue collecting automatically ...

With this double you simultaneously start the great collection "Batman on official special commemorative coins" . Look forward to further masterfully silver-plated commemorative editions in the highest embossing quality, mirror finish with elaborate color refinement. And celebrate a reunion with Robin, Penguin, Riddler and many other friends and opponents of Batman aka Bruce Wayne.

… Cheap and without risk!

Approximately every three to four weeks, as part of this collection, you will be presented with another commemorative edition at the affordable collector's price of just € 24.95 (instead of the regular € 29.95) per edition. So you save permanently 5, - € compared to the single purchase of the respective commemorative coin! You will have a non-binding view of every issue for 14 days and can return it within this time guaranteed. You can waive the subscription right at any time. E-mail or call is enough. So you do not take any risks.

Free accessories included

n the course of your collection, we will also present you with a high-quality scrapbook - elaborately and originally designed in the typical Batman comic style. That's why every collector and Batman fan is guaranteed to envy you!

Great demand worldwide

Please note: In view of the huge Batman fan base, these issues will be particularly popular at home and abroad - a quick sell-out is very likely. Do not hesitate too long: Order your first two commemorative coins - with huge immediate savings - to start the unique "Batman" collection!


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