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Gold bars have been valued by traders and investors for centuries and they are still highly popular today. People invest in gold bars for a number of reasons including protection against currency fluctuation or inflation. They are a very safe investment and even during periods of crisis, gold bars tend to increase in value. Many investors choose large bars to store as part of a pension plan or stock portfolio while others enjoy smaller bars or products like theValcambi combibar which are highly portable and a universally acceptable alternative to cash. 

Often referred to as ingots, bars are produced by many of the world's most famous refiners and you'll discover a comprehensive selection at Bullion bars are produced in various weights and sizes and we stock gold bars ranging from 1 gram to12.5 kg (400 oz). Different types of bars are available, depending on the size you select. Smaller bars from 1 g to 100 g are typically minted and embossed under high pressure while larger bars may be cast and embossed. Bars weighing over 250 g are almost always cast. Bars are stamped with their weight and fineness and many include the manufacturer's logo or mint mark or come certificated and with a unique serial number. Those who want extra security can even choose exclusive products like Heraeus kinebars which are marked with a hologram. Whatever type, weight or size you prefer, no VAT is payable on gold purchases providing they meet a minimum purity of 99.5% for bars and 90% for coins. Plus, should you decide to sell your gold bars within a year of purchase, any profits will be tax-free. selects gold bars with a fineness of .9999 (24 carat) from some of the world's most prestigious manufacturers. We only deal with LBMA approved (London Bullion Market) refiners so you are assured of an authentic product of the highest quality. The 400 oz bar is commonly chosen by bullion traders and held as gold reserves by banks while the 1 kg bar or kilobar is a more manageable option that is popular with traders and investors. Other buyers prefer smaller weights - bars that can be divided into 1 g units like the Valcambi combibar are ideal for those who wish to use gold instead of cash while 1 oz gold bars are perfect for both new and established investors. 

Investing in gold bars has so many advantages. Unlike paper money, gold is in limited supply. Demand for the world's favourite precious metal outweighs supply, ensuring that gold keeps or increases its value, even during periods of financial uncertainty, war or conflict. For example, 1 oz of gold has almost the same purchasing power that it did 400 years ago while the value of most major currencies has decreased considerably. Currency savings are prone to risk from inflation or devaluation, while gold is unaffected. Add gold bars to your investment portfolio and enjoy the many long-lasting benefits of products that are highly valued and easily tradeable. At, all orders are dispatched quickly and securely. Why not take a look today and discover products likeHeraeus Gold Bars or Metalor Gold Bars and bars from leading manufacturers like Perth Mint,UmicorePAMPValcambiDegussa

Returns on gold products are not accepted 



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