Around Oceania in 24 Coins!

CODE: M38877


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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

The diversity of cultures that exist in the countries of Oceania is reflected on the coins which are specially selected for this collection. Based on the motifs, the beauty and biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the countries, which are home to many animal species and plants, and otherwise nowhere else in the world to be found, may be discovered right here! In addition to Australia, the islands of Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand, coins of the lesser-known members of the Pacific Islands are also featured: This Folder whisks you away on a numismatic trip to East Timor, Kiribati, as well as Vanuatu. This in turn leads to the discovery of the cultures and customs of the native inhabitants of the countries in question.

Each individual coin may be inserted in the noble Folder, but also withdrawn again so as to allow you to behold them thoroughly. In order to provide the collector with a unique experience, the coins are supplied singularly, so that they can be placed in the binder according to the wishes of the collectors themselves.

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