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800th Ann. of Magna Carta 2015 £2 BU Coin, 2015, UK


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Marking 800 years of liberty – the Magna Carta coin

The great charter of freedoms

Drawn up some 800 years ago, the Magna Carta was a catalyst for a journey towards freedom for the ordinary man, in the United Kingdom and across the world. We mark this historic moment with a coin struck in celebration of the Magna Carta - the charter of freedoms. This £2 coin with its design by experienced coinage artist John Bergdahl will appeal to collectors and historians across the world wishing to mark this momentous anniversary.

About the coin

In June 1215 the Magna Carta was agreed by King John, witnessed by barons, noblemen and bishops. It brought an end to the unlimited power of the monarch and signalled a new era where freedom would no longer be out of the grasp of the common man. The Magna Carta has been reinterpreted through time, shaping the constitutions of great nations with some of the clauses still remaining part of British law to this day.

Now you can celebrate the 800th anniversary of this historic document and all that it stands for with a crisply-minted, Brilliant Uncirculated coin struck to commemorate the occasion. Your coin is presented in medieval-inspired packaging that both displays your coin and reveals the story of the Magna Carta and its far-reaching influence across the world and the centuries. Designed by experienced coinage artist, John Bergdahl, this coin makes a great gift for anyone with an interest in history, this significant anniversary or simply an excellent addition to your own growing collection.  

*The image used on this coin packaging is a well-known visual representation of historical events from the time, and not factual depiction.  The Royal Mint understand that the Magna Carta was in fact witnessed and sealed by King John and not physically signed.

28.4 mm
Λαμπερό Ακυκλοφόρητο (BU)

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