Silver Coin - Daisy Duck
Silver Coin - Daisy Duck

Disney Silver Coin - Daisy Duck 75th Anniversary, 1 oz, New Zealand



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This stunning engraved 75th Anniversary of Daisy Duck 1oz Silver Coin is the latest release in our classic Disney Coin Collection and celebrates the 75th Anniversary of Daisy Duck. The coin face shows an engraved illustration of the elegant and feminine Donna Duck, standing by Donald’s car in her debut film appearance in Don Donald (1937). The Silver Coin comes presented in a high-quality wooden inner coin case and themed outer coin packaging, making this an ideal gift for any Disney fan or coin collector. *Please note that the image shown on the website is artwork and may differ slightly from the final product.


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To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Daisy Duck, New Zealand Mint has released collectible silver and gold coins featuring the first appearance of Daisy as Donna Duck, a passionate Mexican señorita, in the iconic short film Don Donald (1937).  Daisy is a white duck, defined by her long feminine eyelashes and ruffled tail feathers. She plays the loyal best-friend of Minnie Mouse, and shows a strong affinity and devotion towards Donald.


First voiced by Clarence Nash, Daisy appeared as the character Donna Duck in Don Donald (1937). In this iconic short film Daisy plays a passionate Mexican señorita, capable of switching from warm tenderness to wrath in an instant. In place of what was to become her customary hair bow, she wore a mantilla and comb.


This early depiction of Daisy’s character was to change three short years later, when Daisy Duck was introduced by name in the short film Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940). Her iconic blouses with puffed short sleeves, matching hair bows and heeled shoes, all established the graceful and glamorous character we love today.


Daisy Duck has appeared in a total of fourteen films, multiple television series, comic stories, and games.

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