The 7 Wonders of the World, Gold 14K, Solomon Islands, 2016

CODE: AU-2016-01


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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

Seven wonderfully carved Proof coins in 14-carat gold, form a precious collection, giving you a unique opportunity to make a smart investment in gold!   Subject of the collection are the Seven Wonders of Antiquity, considered as unsurpassed creations and admired by the whole ancient world: The Great Pyramid of Cheops, the gold-and-ivory Statue of Zeus in Olympia, the Temple of goddess Diana in Ephesus, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Colossus of Rhodes, are exquisitely carved on gold!

The collection is presented in a luxury case, offered free of charge.

11 mm
Solomon Islands

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