200th Anniversary of Waterloo 2015 UK £5 BU



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Egos, Enemies and Empire

Two centuries on and the Battle of Waterloo still captivates. The full-blooded characters, the tactical manoeuvres and its legacy – the Waterloo Medal – all remembered with this striking £5 coin. David Lawrence’s design captures the accord between Wellington and Blücher, so pivotal to the victory. This coin is sure to appeal to collectors, historians or those simply wishing to learn more about this decisive battle in British, European and world history.


About the coin


The Battle of Waterloo was one of the most decisive battles in history; it brought over 20 years of conflict in Europe to an end, and began almost 100 years of peace. It left a legacy on the world with the striking of the Waterloo Medals beginning a tradition of honouring those involved in war. The battle was fought between fierce enemies; an Allied force lead by The Duke of Wellington for Britain and General Blücher for Prussia, and a French Army with Napoleon at its command. All were tenacious and the battle was fought in close combat until Napoleon was defeated 200 years ago in 1815.


David Lawrence’s design captures the handshake between a triumphant Wellington and Blücher, the spirit of camaraderie. This edition of the commemorative £5 coin celebrating the bicentenary is finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard – superior to any circulating coin. Your purchase is supplied with an absorbing booklet that explores the battle, its great leaders, its legacy on the world – and its impact on Britain’s coinage.

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