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2 euro-erevna-gallia-20202 Ευρω, Ιατρικη Ερευνα ,Γαλλία, 20202 Ευρω, Ιατρικη Ερευνα ,Γαλλία, 20202 Ευρω, Ιατρικη Ερευνα ,Γαλλία, 2020

2 euros medical research in 3 blisters France 2020

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2 euros medical research  in 3 blisters France 2020

8,50 γρ. / gr
25.75 mm
Λαμπερό Ακυκλοφόρητο (BU)

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After a medal in the spring, the Monnaie de Paris chose to dedicate the second 2 euro commemorative 2020 to medical research, replacing the theme of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

While the year 2020 has been turned upside down by COVID19, the Monnaie de Paris has chosen to shake up its program by postponing the start of programs devoted to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which were to begin this year with a first commemorative 2 euros. Instead, the French Monetary Institute will continue its tribute to health personnel, scientists and Research with this new theme. After having created a medal at the end of spring in gratitude to the professionals who were present during the crisis of spring 2020, this approach is deepened with 2 euros donated to the Fondation de France for each piece purchased.

Medical research

On the face of the coin, a female face in a sphere with the word UNION looks at fragments of DNA, which appear to be seen under a microscope. The position, oblique of the face in relation to the research object, represents the research which dominates the infinitely small in order to study it and find solutions to diseases. We find RF (French Republic) at the top right while the various (Corne d'Abondance, Joaquin Jimenez and l'Atelier de Gravure) as well as the 2020 vintage are located at the bottom left.

According to the new general engraver of Coins, Joaquin Jimenez (who does not seem to use his new different), there are many symbolic elements in this design. “This piece illustrates an allegory of the victory of Man over disease. I wanted this drawing to be fully expressed in “European space” and that is why it exceptionally overflows into the crown of 12 stars. Thus, countries are united in the face of adversity ”

The BU version of this commemorative 2 euros is available in 3 different blisters, on the model already offered last year by the Monnaie de Paris for the Asterix collection. The goal is to bring out the state of mind that emerges from the period. These designs are complementary but have a unity between them in particular thanks to the blue, white and red color code using the colors of the French flag. Each of these blisters will be offered in 100,000 copies, the total production of the BU version of the 2 euro Medical Research will therefore be 300,000 copies. A BE version (Belle Proof) will also be offered in 10,000 copies.

The word thank you has been the term most used during this health crisis. This blister pack evokes gratitude in several languages: French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Nursing staff and researchers are the real heroes of everyday life and play a central role in our fight against the virus. The Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to them through this blister pack.


This blister pack represents the essential values that emerged during this crisis. The words dedication, commitment, benevolence, protection and generosity form the word UNION

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