€10, Silver 925, Greek philosophers - Diogenes, Greece, 2017

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

€10, Silver coin, Greek philosophers - Diogenes, Greece, 2017

Technical specifications: Denomination: €10 Diameter: 40 mm Weight: 34.10 gr Edge: plain Material: silver 92.5% (Ag) Packaging: coin box with certificate of authenticity Maximum issue: 2,000 pieces Minting quality: proof Price: €52.42 plus V.A.T. Coin designed by: G. Stamatopoulos  

40 mm
10 EURO (€)

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DIOGENES (412 or 404-323 BC)

Born in Sinope on the Black Sea, Diogenes was the most

significant of the cynic philosophers. In exile, he moved

to Athens, where he became a pupil of Antisthenes,

disciple of Socrates and founder of the Cynic school of

thought. The cynics advocated simplicity, self-sufficiency,

austerity, self-knowledge and moral probity. Τhey most

probably derived their name from the word cyon (dog),

by which Diogenes came to be known, in allusion to his

biting sarcasm. In Athens he was said to live in a large

ceramic jar and in full daylight would stroll about holding

a lantern, claiming to be searching for a (true or honest)

man. Diogenes eventually settled in Corinth, where

Alexander the Great once sought to meet him. When

Alexander inquired whether there was any favour that

Diogenes might want of him, Diogenes famously retorted

“Yes, stand out of my sunlight”, in keeping with his typical

disdain for social conventions and material possessions