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Blister, Ελλάδα, Ηπειρος, 2015

Blister, Mint Sets, Greece, Epirus 2015



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Blister, Mint Sets, Greece, Epirus  2015 -

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Epirus, the north-westernmost region of Greece, is

flanked to the west by the Ionian Sea and to the east by the

Pindos mountain range. For the ancient Greeks, Epirus

had great religious importance on account of the Dodona

Oracle. Milestones in the region’s later history include the

Hellenistic kingdom of Pyrrhus and the late-Byzantine

Despotate of Epirus, while during Ottoman rule Epirus

was associated with the Greek struggle for freedom,

with sites of heroic self-sacrifice at Koungi and Zalongo.

After Greek independence, several Epirote benefactors

(Arsakis, Tositsas, Zappas, Sinas, Averof) contributed

generously to the construction of the newly founded

Greek state, which Epirus became part of in two phases

(the Arta district was ceded to Greece in 1881 and the

rest of Epirus after the Balkan Wars of 1912-13). It was

in the Epirus highlands that the Greek army waged its

epic battles against the Italian invader in 1940-41. Today

Epirus attracts visitors for its stunning natural scenery

(Vikos gorge), seaside resorts (Parga, Syvota), traditional

settlements (Ioannina, Metsovo, Zagorochoria) and rich

folk tradition in music, silver and gold craftsmanship and


stone masonry.