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Banknote album "Standard"
Banknote album "Standard"Banknote album "Standard"Banknote album "Standard"Banknote album "Standard"Banknote album "Standard"

Banknote album "Standard"

Κωδικός προϊόντος: SA4139


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The handy banknote album at an attractive price-performance ratio! · Handy blue album in dark blue with gold-line embossing on lid and back. · With 50 double-sided "sheets" with black carrier foil for 100 cards. · The leaves are firmly embedded in the album. Usable size of the leaves: approx. 195 x 130 mm. · Album format: 215 x 150 x 58 mm · Also suitable for large postcards and letters. The compact scrapbook for a favorable price-performance ratio.

215 x 150 x 58cm

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