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£2, 1oz, Silver coin, 999 fine, ''Britannia'',UK, 2017

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

£2, 1oz, Silver coin, .999 fine

Obverse features queen Elizabeth II, revese features Britannia - the  personification of Britain.

silver bullion coins - the modern face of Bullion since 1987. Britannia has a long history with Britain and its coinage, she is the embodiment of the nation she has represented for almost 2,000 years, ever since the Romans invaded the isles and claimed them as the province of Britannia. She first appeared on the Roman coins of Emperor Hadrian circa AD 119 and was revived for the coinage of Charles II in 1672.


When Britannia coins were added to The Royal Mint’s Bullion portfolio in 1987, in response to a growing global Bullion market, Philip Nathan created an interpretation of Britannia that was perfect for the new coins. He presented the icon with a strong maritime influence, standing windswept in a classical gown, waves at her feet; trident, shield and olive branch in hand – instantly recognisable in an international market, the modern face of British Bullion and a symbol of strength and tradition.

First struck in 1987, it became an instant classic – today it marks one of the flagship coins of The Royal Mint. Philip Nathan’s craftsmanship reimagined an instantly recognisable icon. His Britannia is commanding and powerful, yet feminine, peaceful and elegant. She still endures 30 years later.

In 2013, the quality of silver Britannia coins was enhanced even further, redefined to 999 silver and 2017 commemorates the 30th year since Britannia’s bullion design was launched to market. Sculptor Philip Nathan, the designer of the first Britannia bullion in 1987, envisaged her as a classic and evolving icon. In these brand new additions to the bullion collection, the iconic design has been updated and now features a speckled radial sunburst at her back.

Britannia coins are renowned for their beauty and reliability, with their weight and quality verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx. Silver Britannia coins are exempt from UK capital gains tax for UK residents only, due to being legal tender.Britannia Silver Coins

Our 1 oz silver Britannia coins are struck in 999 fine silver and can be purchased in tubes of 25 coins or individually in single coin capsules.

40 mm
Great Britain-UK

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