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10€, Silver 900, Little Prince- Stars are Guides, France 2015

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Δόσεις Υπολογισμός μεταφορικών

The Monnaie de Paris celebrates french writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s most famous and enduring work, The Little Prince. The book, written while the author was living in Africa in exile at the height of World War II, tells the story of an aviator, who encounters a strange little boy after his airplane crashes in the desert. In a literary tradition rich with great works, The Little Prince was voted by French readers of Le Monde to be the fourth greatest book of the 20th century, behind Albert Camus’ The Stranger, Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, and Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

This series pays tribute to Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s most famous work. By telling the Little Prince’s stories and encounters, we discover a universe filled with mysteries, friendships and disappointments, a symbolic vision of life presented by the author.

The obverses’ drawings are structured around 3 famous quotes from Saint Exupéry’s work. The reverse is common to all the coins of the series, it carries the face value of the coin and a drawing from the Little Prince’s profile with a graphical and modern look.


The Little Prince appears alone in a the desert, slightly to the right of center with his right hand held aloft. To his immediate left is the shadow of a biplane. Dunes ripple in the background. The sun shines overhead. LE PETIT PRINCE is inscribed in cursive script at the 11 o’clock position, near the rim. At the five o’clock position is RF (République Française) in stylized script, LPP (Le Petit Prince) is located next to the rim at the four o’clock position.


Surrounded by an array of stars is the Little Prince, offset slightly to the right of center. The denomination “10 euro” is written in large script and is located to the left. Wrapping around the rim is “The Little Prince” in cursive script written in French, English, German, and Japanese.

The Little Prince: Stars are Guides 10-euro coin is one of eight Little Prince coins issued in 2015. This .900 silver coin has a limited mintage of 5,000 pieces and is struck in a proof finish.

37.00 mm
10 EURO (€)

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The Little Prince, first published in 1943, is a novella and the most famous work of the French aristocrat, writer, poet and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944). The novella is the 3rd most translated book in the world and was voted the best book of the 20th century in France. Translated into more than 250 languages and dialects, selling nearly two million copies annually with sales totalling over 140 million copies worldwide, it has becomeone of the best-selling books ever published. 

Since its first publication in the United States, the novella has been adapted to numerous art forms and media, including audio recordingsradio playslive stagefilm screentelevisionballet, and operatic works.